NEW Capacity-building Technical Expertise Exchange Program

Capacity-building reference tools and information are relevant globally because they provide a wealth of regulatory information to organizations looking to improve or establish biosafety and biosecurity oversight systems. However, providing information that is helpful on a broad scale might not always be helpful or relevant to specific national or regional situations. The new IEGBBR program aims to create tailored opportunities for capacity-building and technical expertise exchange between regional biosafety and biosecurity organizations and the IEGBBR membership.

Regional biosafety and biosecurity organizations are best placed to understand the capacity-building needs in their region. The program takes advantage of the 19 topics of IEGBBR expertise and works directly with regional organizations to identify the best approach to help overcome situations where the specific needs or obstacles to the implementation of oversight systems are not addressed by available resources.

Topics will be selected based on the needs of the regional organization and areas of expertise from IEGBBR member countries related to biosafety and biosecurity oversight systems, such as inspector training, licensing/authorizations, and pathogen risk assessments.

Past Program events

Building Capacity for DU Oversight in the Life Sciences through the IEGBBR

May, 2023 and March 2024

The 2 hour event described how to identify, assess, and mitigate dual-use concerns in the life sciences, using two examples of oversight measures from the national oversight systems of 2 of the IEGBBR member countries. There was a question and answer session after each of the presentations. The three PowerPoint presentations are available for download as a pdf (English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish).

Insights into Inventory Management and Laboratory Inspections within the IEGBBR Membership

March 2024

This 2 hour event provided an overview of the laboratory inspections framework and best practices in inventory management and accountability in 2 of the IEGBBR member nations. The three PowerPoint presentations are available to download as pdf (English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish).