IEGBBR Compendium of International Biosafety and Biosecurity Oversight Systems for Human and Animal Pathogens and Toxins

A key deliverable for the IEGBBR is the Compendium of International Biosafety and Biosecurity Oversight Systems for Human and Animal Pathogens and Toxins, which provides detailed descriptions of the national regulatory oversight approaches among the 11 member countries. The Compendium will be provided as a publicly available, searchable mobile application in English and French, currently under development by the Government of Canada, anticipated to be available in December 2019. Users will be able to search and contrast desired aspects of the biosafety and biosecurity oversight systems for any or all of the 11 IEGBBR members. The Compendium will serve as a useful reference tool for IEGBBR members, as well as for other countries that aim to develop or strengthen their national biosafety and biosecurity capacities.

IEGBBR Compendium and International Health Regulations Compliance (IHR)

The Compendium can contribute to strengthening of national/regional compliance with commitments under the International Health Regulations. Under the IHR, States Parties have a mandatory annual reporting requirement in regards to 13 public health capacities, including C1 (Legislation and Financing) and C5 (Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity Regime). Also under the IHR, the Joint External Evaluation assessments are a rigorous in-country evaluation of a country’s core public health capacities. Relevant to biosafety and biosecurity oversight include technical areas Prevent (P1): National legislation, policy and financing and Prevent (P6): Biosafety and Biosecurity.

By detailing the 11 IEGBBR member countries’ national oversight systems, the IEGBBR Compendium can be used as an informational resource for countries that want to strengthen their IHR compliance with respect to the public health capacities related to biosafety or biosecurity oversight.

IEGBBR Compendium & International Commitments

The Compendium can also contribute to ongoing international biosafety and biosecurity efforts and other international biosafety and biosecurity commitments, including the Biological and Toxins Weapons Convention and the Global Health Security Agenda. The Compendium can be used hand in hand with other available reference tools, such as the Global Health Security Agenda’s Analytical Approach.

Biological and Toxins Weapons Convention

Descriptions of the IEGBBR biosafety and biosecurity oversight systems show how the signatory achieves compliance to the BTWC, in particular for: Article I: …” undertakes never in any circumstances to develop, produce, stockpile or otherwise acquire or retain”…, and Article IV: …” take any necessary measures to prohibit and prevent the development, production, stockpiling, acquisition or retention”…

Global Health Security Agenda’s Analytical Approach

The IEGBBR Compendium provides 11 examples of national biosafety and biosecurity oversight systems, including detail of the policy instruments used. It therefore can serve as a complementary tool to the modules of the Analytical Approach that can remove the necessity for extensive legwork prior to the development and implementation of oversight. .