Additional IEGBBR Work

The IEGBBR shares knowledge and experience and provides lessons learned from the perspectives of their established regulatory systems, in order to coordinate and lead concurrent projects related to the international alignment, strengthening, and advancement of biosafety and biosecurity oversight. Through the Secretariat, the IEGBBR is in a position to influence and help advance key priority areas, including the following initiatives:

  • Poliovirus containment – World Health Organization and Global Polio Eradication Initiative Global Action Plan (GAPIII) biorisk management
  • Multi-regional, multi-economy perspectives provided in feedback to World Health Organization on the draft of the fourth edition of the Laboratory Biosafety Manual

Review of Oversight of Dual-Use in Life Sciences

The IEGBBR is nearing completion of a document describing the regulatory and non-regulatory biosafety and biosecurity oversight systems for dual-use in life science among the 11 IEGBBR member countries. This second large deliverable is also planned to be made available as a free mobile application. It will serve as an additional useful reference tool that can be used in concert with other available capacity-building tools, and will serve to strengthen global health security.